A website is now vital for all entrepreneurs, small businesses and home-based businesses. A website not only gives your business credibility, it can be a critical part to your sales process. The advantages of having a website are huge and should never be underestimated. A well structured website, with a planned SEO strategy can really drive sales to your business. However, before building your first business website there are important things to consider.


1. What type of website do you need?

The first step is to decide what your website is going to do for you. It may be fairly static website which will used to inform customers of your products and services. However, it may be an eCommerce site which is the front end of your business. Each approach has their unique requirements.
Once you have decided what you need in a new website, your next step is to create a brief. In the brief you need to work out a framework of the functionality, the business goals, and budget. If you have experience with website design this maybe an easy task. If you have no experience it’s worthwhile getting professional advice. 

2. Are you going to use a website agency to build your site or build it yourself?

If you Google ‘website design’ you will see adverts for companies such as wix.com which allow you to design your own site. These are simple sites to use and offer good looking websites. However, your business website isn’t all about looks. There is a lot of technical SEO which you really need to understand to ensure you maximise your opportunities. This is where getting professional advice is critical in saving time and money long-term. Building a website with a well researched strategy using data will allow you to produce both an on and off site SEO program. This will ensure you rank in Google but also maximise conversions on your site.

3. What platform are you going to build your new website in?

When it comes to finding a platform for your business website, there are many options. The main things to consider are functionality, ease of use, coding, customisation and price. All platforms have pro’s and con’s, however so platofrms can end up having huge disadvantages long-term. One of the most open and future proof platforms is WordPress. WordPress powers almost 27% of the entire internet. This means it is a very well tested platform and has a lot of functionality.

4. Budget

While website development budgets can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. When it comes to budget most people only consider the cost. However, your own time should also be considered as this will reflect on overall the spend. The less you do, the higher the budget you will require. When consdiering your budget ensure to think about opportunities and your return on investment.

5. Time

Whether you build your own site, or whether you recruit an agency to build it for you, you still need to think about the time you dedicate to it. This maybe to produce content, proof the site or even go on an SEO training program. The more time you invest the greater the rewards will be long-term.



Building a website may seem like a simple and fast process, however, if you jump in without having a brief you may waste a lot time and energy with little reward. Start thinking about your odjectives and what is it you want out of your planned site. Also read our blog post about where to start with SEO.


The benefits of a website are huge and an opportunity you can not afford to miss. Why not give us a call today and let us help you with your online journey. Call us on 07717 795156.